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Monday, 08 February 2010 00:00

Accessing the Genius of Your Heart…Unfolding the Heart of Your Business

Is your heart whispering, “Something’s gotta give”…

At times, running my business feels like running a marathon with my reluctant business clinging to my feet. Far from the exhilaration and euphoria I intend, the effort drains every aspect of who I am, and I end up fatigued, chasing money, love, and support. My heart whispers, “Something’s gotta give. I’m tired of struggle; I am ready for Easy”…

Those moments of fatigue, however, offer deep insights into where I am sacrificing myself, where I am forsaking my values, my value, and my vision, and where I am ignoring the wisdom of my heart. They show me where I am allowing my business to run me instead of my running it. Even more, they offer the gift of noticing where I am out of alignment, where I am contracting instead of expanding, where I am rigid and limited in my perception of the universe, and where I am struggling when I so want congruence, ease, and inspiration. Ultimately, those moments become an invitation to listen to my heart’s knowings, to shift perception, and to create something fresh, new, alive, and big from a coherent heart.

Tapping into the heart’s wisdom allows my business to run with me…carrying me all the way. It reveals the next step and eliminates both stress and limits, creating not only ease and inspiration but also flow, joy, peace, energy, and abundance.

The heart’s tools, while deceptively simple, are profound, enduring, and healing, connecting you to your heart’s highest calling.

With your highest calling in mind (and heart), I have asked Sheva Carr, CEO of Fyera! and world-renowned HeartMath trainer, to join me in creating a 3-month Heart of Business Group Coaching Experience to help you access your heart’s genius, unfold the heart of your business, and create your heart’s desire.

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