The Paradox of Pathless Practice
Sunday, 26 May 2013 13:52

The Paradox of Pathless Practice: An 8 Week Heart Ambassador Course - The Meeting of Spontaneous Inquiry and Heart Math Tools and Science Gangaji & Sheva Carr in Collaboration with World Changing Wisdom & Linda L. Pannell

In this 8 week teleclass, two of the world's most popular teachers and teachings come together to explore an apparent paradox on the path of awakening: true realization and our authentic nature cannot be practiced, strived for, or “attained”- because our authentic nature is inherently who we already are. And yet the freedom and peace that exists as the authentic self at the heart of all being can indeed be uncovered and discovered through inquiry and vigilance, and there are steps, practices and science which give proven paths and validation to the process.

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