World Changing Wisdom

World Changing Wisdom

Science, Spirituality & The Sacred: Ancient Wisdom Modern Miracles

wcwcombo6-eventEveryone knows that we are living in changing times. And sometimes those changes are coming on so fast we may feel as if we've lifted off the very planet we live on. It is nice when we can find a connection, a balance that brings happiness, health and abundance.

January 12, 2009 was the launch the event that has listeners begging for more. My vision is to bring Ancient Wisdom and Modern Miracles together for the world to share.

If you were on those calls, you had the opportunity to hear masters and speakers from a variety of fields. Every once in a while you get to experience a feeling of such elation you want it to go on forever. The energy on these calls was like that. Even long after the event has ended the community remains.

And now for this community here is your opportunity to add these wonderful teleconferences to your own personal library. Let them bring you inspiration on a daily basis. One of the best ways to travel the road of enlightenment is through feeling good. Some may say it is the only way.

Every speaker brings with them an energy that is contagious. One call will have you felling on top of the world. It's like taking a weekend at the spa. If you are looking for a way to keep yourself in a happy mood, then you will want to take advantage of this very special offer.

Now you can own the entire 2009 World Changing Wisdom Event for the deep discount price of not $697.00, not even $297.00 but $247.00. This offer includes 47 speakers. Plus as an added bonus we're offering beautifully designed labor of love transcripts. These transcripts are valued at $150.00 each and they are free with your purchase. Get the most from your experience by reading as you listen. Buy Now. As an added bonus you will also receive entirely free, the mp3 downloadable audio recordings and transcripts for my first Teleseminar series: Healing the Heart of the Earth and Her Children.

World Changing Wisdom Speakers Include

Here are the speakers you will be enjoying. If you don't think you want to whole library, you may pick and choose your favorites individually. As part of this same community special, each audio package includes the free transcript as with the full package. Regular price for each is $67.00 but for this offer you will receive $20.00 off. Simply enter the coupon code: HEART when you checkout. Simply click on the name of your favorite.

Sensual Art - Healing Relationships

Gifted Children

Consciousness Shift

Spiritual Connection

Finding Your Passion

Living From The Heart

Body Mind And Soul